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What Sets Roslyn Apart From Her Opposing Candidate?

A Restorative Mindset.

Roslyn's Vision of Golden Valley Becoming a Restorative City Encompasses a Solution That Consists of:

  1. Strengthening Communities: Encouraging open dialogue, active listening, and empathy, creating trust between city staff, community, and partners.

  2. Enhancing Accountability: Addressing the issues directly, holding individuals accountable, and finding ways to repair harm and restore relationships.

  3. Reducing Crime: Instead of relying solely on punitive measures, restorative practices address the underlying issues that lead to criminal behavior and conflict. This approach can potentially reduce recidivism rates and promote a safer and more harmonious community.

  4. Inclusivity and Equity: Ensuring all community members have a voice in decision-making.

  5. Improving Citizen-Government Relations: When city governments actively involve their constituents in decision-making and conflict resolution, it fosters a positive and productive relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

  6. Building Positive School and Workplace Environments: Supporting School Resource Officers (SRO's) as part of the school culture to decrease violence and school suspensions and address conflicts between students, promote social-emotional learning, and prevent bullying.

  7. Long-Term Systemic Change: By challenging traditional punitive approaches and focusing on healing and restoration, city governments can build a more just and compassionate society for future generations.


Restorative practices are a set of principles, strategies, and processes aimed at addressing conflicts, repairing harm, and building positive relationships within communities. The process is so fluid, it will work in any setting. Restorative work is necessary for the nation!


Roslyn has demonstrated a successful track record in implementing restorative practices within leadership roles in City government.

In order for systemic change to happen in Golden Valley, an emphasis on collaboration, empathy, and accountability, with the goal of promoting healing and fostering a sense of community is the answer!

We must work together to bring forth community change!

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