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ROSLYN HARMON mayor-elect

Bringing the diverse people of Golden Valley together to reimagine a city for ALL  people working together towards peace & reconciliation


Elaine Wynne and Larry Johnson (Golden Valley Residents)

Public safety

I support our Golden Valley Police and Fire Departments 110%. We have experienced leadership who believe in creating an inclusive community where every resident, regardless of race and background, feels safe and protected. Public safety requires true collaboration with police/fire, city leaders, administration, and diverse community members.

To improve policing, we need to increase the number of qualified and accountable officers. Accurate crime data is essential for us to understand what is happening in real-time to ensure that GVPD can make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively. This transparency, backed by factual and up-to-date crime data, not only enhances community understanding but also promotes trust and accountability in our public safety measures. 


We are actively recruiting and hiring new officers and firefighters to keep our city safe. I am a part of the interviewing process, and we have qualified candidates accepting positions to join the department. I can say with confidence, Golden Valley's crime rate remains low, and our police department should be fully staffed in 2024.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women who sacrifice so much to protect and serve us. As Mayor, it's essential that we not only recognize their sacrifices but also provide them with the support and resources they need to cope with the unique challenges they encounter in their line of duty. 

 Responsible Spending

I am against the high tax levies in Golden Valley because we cannot afford to tax people out of their homes! In just four years, taxes have gone up 30%! We need to manage our city's budget upfront with community engagement. We need to keep our taxes low, with diverse housing options to ensure affordability for all people and life stages. We need transparency in our spending and bond accruals contributing to debt. The City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan expresses Golden Valley’s long-term challenges and aspirations under the theme of Suburban Evolution. 


While taxpayer opinions may vary on certain aspects of the plan, we should be able to develop a consensus on whether taxation is fair, spending is affordable, essential services are maintained, and the benefits are worthwhile. 

Local Sales Tax: I have heard every side regarding the local sales tax that will appear on November's ballot to support our public safety. The tax will be 1.25% which equates to $1.25 for every $100 spent. This applies to the purchase of items like gum, candy, pet supplies, deliveries, jewelry, office supplies, or batteries. Let's say one purchases Skittles for $1.99, tax would be roughly .02 cents. Roughly sixty percent of costs would apply to those working and coming into the city, with the other thirty percent paid by residents. Our fire department requires safe and up-to-code infrastructure. If our city wants high-quality public safety and infrastructure, we must invest. Otherwise, we risk negative consequences such as disease, environmental hazards, and unemployment.


As Mayor, I will seek better communications and internal processes that clarify the City’s budgetary needs, weigh public expectations, and clarify the cost-effectiveness of proposed solutions.



A city is not just a network of streets, pipes, and public services. It is also a social space in which human connections contribute to the variety, safety, and quality of life. For example, I see great potential in engaging neighborhood block organizations beyond their relationship with the Police Department. It is essential that we transform Neighborhood Watch into a more welcoming initiative, which we can call Neighborhood Welcome. Or, have a supportive network that links younger residents to assist community elders.

My career has been devoted to building beneficial relationships. As Mayor, I will place a high value on helping the community discover our capacity to transform differences into shared strengths. I plan to introduce town hall meetings and community forums to address community concerns. We need to lean on our neighboring cities and work together. I have great relationships with elected officials from our neighboring cities who can support our efforts.



Housing choices

My personal connection to Golden Valley, both through visiting family in my childhood home and currently residing in one of the city's newest apartment complexes, allows me to observe and appreciate different aspects of Golden Valley's past and present.

As a first-ring suburb, Golden Valley built much of its housing more than 50 years ago. Our “Mid-Century Modern” homes have great current appeal and help distinguish us from other cities. However, 

Golden Valley’s stock of housing is not attainable for all life stages and economic means. In this housing market, the City has limited options for new single-family residences (condos and townhomes) and one-level transition homes for seniors. Market-rate apartments contain relatively few affordable units.


As Mayor, I will advocate for housing choices that preserve our residential character while serving the diverse needs of young people starting out, busy professionals, families, elders aging in place, and lower-income households.

VIbrant places

Economic development is about more than new buildings, jobs, and a strong tax base. Investment in our city should also attract individuals who want to experience beauty, culture, food, art, recreational activities, and diversity. A strong sense of identity plays a pivotal role in fostering a welcoming community. It is important for Golden Valley's unique qualities and character to be prominently showcased along the Highway 55 corridor and our Downtown.

Let’s support local non-profits and entrepreneurs— including women and minority-owned businesses—by collaborating with local business organizations, economic development agencies, and other community partners to provide resources, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities.

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